Problems with Sansui SR-212



Hi there :)

I hope this is the right place to post this, apologies if it isn’t! A few years back my dad gave me an old Sansui SR-212 turntable along with a Sansui AU-101 amp (and speakers). It initially worked fine but soon the troubles began: only one speaker would play and sometimes none, no matter how I fiddled around with the wires. Eventually, I got so fed up with it that I abandoned it in a corner to collect dust for a few years.

Lockdown’s brought it back into my life however, and I wish I could say I didn’t regret it. When I first dug it out, I got sound through one speaker only, which I was halfways content with — until I moved it around my room and the other speaker went, too.

Initially, I assumed the problem was in the amplifier — something to do with where the wires leave the amp and go to the speakers. But I just had the idea today of connecting headphones to the amp through a port on its front: no noise from there, either. This seems to mean to me that the problem’s either in the turntable or in the wiring between the turntable and the amp. Does this problem sound familiar to anyone? Should I just send it off to be repaired? Thanks very much for reading.

PS. When I put a record on I can hear it very quietly from the turntable. Also, I’ve tried every dial configuration possible ... believe me.


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Sounds like your integrated amp needs repair to me. You'd need another receiver/integrated amp (with a phono stage built in) to test the turntable but such a simple device isn't likely to be the problem.

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