Premier Mounts SpiroLock Universal Projector Mount Review



Audioholics Robot
Staff member
I'm a bit obsessive about which projector mounts I like to use and install. It has to be universal. It has to be rugged. It has to cost less than the projector... These are important criteria and together they set the bar high for anybody manufacturing a one-size-fits-all projector mounting solution. But in addition to universality, a projector mount has to be easy to install, easy to adjust, and preferably, capable of supporting that super-size heavy projector you may or may not one day be able to afford. Premier Mounts' newest SpiroLock Low Profile Projector Mount addresses all three of my "gotta-have" criteria pretty well. In fact, they bulls-eye two of them and get pretty close on the third. At $178 it may not seem sane in the pricing arena, but it's a robust mount, and you can find it a lot cheaper than MSRP from dealers and authorized retailers.

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