<font color='#000000'>I am probably in the wrong place, but am hoping that if I am you can point me to the right place!

I need to buy a new hard drive/MP3 player. &nbsp;I currently have an old Archos Jukebox that has just gone up in smoke (it is over four years old and has not been treated well!) &nbsp;I did not really have problems with Archos, though their customer service is a total joke...if there is another machine out there that offers very similar features, I would rather not go wtih Archos again. &nbsp;There are tons out there, but I can't sift through everything I am finding as they seem not to always list comparable items - the new iPods seem great, but as far as I can tell they do not offer direct recording from any source (like your cd player).

I want direct recording and need multi-format (wav, wma, mp3). &nbsp;I do not download music from the net at present. &nbsp;I do drag around a lot of other types of files with me. &nbsp;Firewire connection is a bonus, but USB is fine, too. &nbsp;I like the MusicMatch software that I have been using, but not adverse to using something else...

I appreciate any help at all.</font>

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