Polk Audio VS. Paradigm.. Please Help!!



<font color='#000000'>Ok, &nbsp;
&nbsp;I need a little help with picking out the right speakers for the money... Got around a $2000-$2500 budget for the speakers. &nbsp;I think that I have it narrowed down to Paradigm and Polk Audio. &nbsp;1st choice, Paradigm Monitor 9s, CC370, and ADP 370s &nbsp; OR &nbsp; Polk Audio LSi 15s, LSiFX, and LSi C..Please Help</font>
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<font color='#000000'>I auditioned Paradigm Studio 80 and Polk LSi15. &nbsp;I was very disappointed with the LSi15, didn't sound anything like the reviews suggested, not a big surprise. &nbsp;Overall dynamic sound but bloated, exaggerated bass and the mid/hi had little detail or finesse...and it was connected to good electronics. &nbsp;Studio 80 was more refined, better sound top to bottom. &nbsp;I also listened to the Axiom 80, very competitve sound at that price. &nbsp;However, I preferred the Monitor Audio Silver series in a side-by-side with the Studio 80.</font>

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