Pioneer SE-MJ591 Stereo Headphones Review



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The Pioneer SE-MJ591 Stereo Headphones are, hands down, the best sounding earphones I've ever had the pleasure of testing. The imaging is phenomenal and rivals my experiences with $20k a pair electrostatic speakers. The sound quality is rich and vibrant and, if you are anything like me, you'll start rediscovering your music collection. They are designed for both critical listening and portability making them perfect for multiple applications. While they'll reveal all the flaws in your poorly recorded/encoded music, they'll also reveal all the beauty in the high-quality recordings. I didn't find them very comfortable to wear though you may feel differently. At $300, these aren't inexpensive headphones but, if you care about sound quality, you'll likely feel it is money well spent.

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Thanks for the review Tom. I just bought new cans, so I've had headphones on my mind for the last few weeks. What were you listening to when you refer to the pan you hadn't noticed before?

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