Pioneer Elite DV59-AVi & i-Link



<font color='#000000'>I saw Pioneer's new Elite Player on their site and was curious to know if anyone knows how it compares to the Denon 5900 model. It looks very similar at least in description and likely would be discounted substantially below it's $1600 cost.

I'm also at least a bit confused by i-Link and what Denon offers. I'm hoping to hook one of these players up to both a Digital TV (via HDCP connector) and to a (hopefully digital) amp via the 1394 Cable. Is the connector that Denon has compatible with these new ones (i-Links). It's unclear to me which are proprietary and which are open. Of course 1394 is an open standard, assuming the amp/receiver on the other end decodes the information in the same way. &nbsp;

In an ideal world for me I'd love to have a digital (Class D/T) amp/receiver but it seems as those are only beginning to be released and are not yet offered by either Pioneer or Denon. Anyone know any hopefulls on the way ?

Thanks in advance,


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