Pioneer Elite BDP-85FD and BDP-88FD Blu-ray Player Preview



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Pioneer Elite BDP-85FD and BDP-88FD Blu-ray players promise the ultimate in audio and video performance. At $2000 for the flagship BDP-88FD and $1000 for the BDP-85FD, consumers should expect no less. The Elite models feature exceptional construction, high quality video upscaling, precise audio reproduction, and advanced network capabilities. The players brag 4k upconversion (4K/60P/4:4:4/24-bit) with HDMI 2.0 and full 18GBPS bandwidth, ES9018 ESS SABRE reference DACs, and the ability to shut off all video circuits and dedicating the processing power to the audio components. Which one is right for you? Read the preview to decide.

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Brian H.

  1. Hi my name is Brian, I just joined and after reading the review on the pioneer bdp88fd, I'd like to add that it is an outstanding all around player. I play my DVD audios on it and the sound is so clean and detailed that I literally catch myself listening for far greater a time than I set out to do. I also use it for movies and sacd as well, with the same results. I recommend this player without reserve.

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