Phase Technology Announces PC SUB WL Wireless Subwoofer



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Phase Technology has announced that its PC SUB WL wireless subwoofers are in stock and available for immediate delivery. The PC SUB WL brings intense bass performance with wireless convenience to the home theater or audio system, requiring only an AC power connection for operation. It features a downward-firing active woofer and front-firing passive bass radiator, enclosed in a stylishly curved cabinet that reduces distortion from standing waves while giving the sub an elegant, modern look. The woofer and radiator have ultra-long excursion specs, providing up to 2.5†of peak-to-peak motion.

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Thx Clint :D

However, I'm in my "critical corner" today.....

Why a subwoofer with wireless technology?
- Wireless does nothing positive for sound quality
- Increases price
- More stuff that can break
- Perhaps mobile phones may interfere with transmission and provide noise and.... perhaps this may be troublesome or even hazardous if playing at very loud levels
- Transmitters everywhere.... how does that interfere with your body getting all these signals inside the house :p has there been done any serious research as to how this really affect us?, although very low in amplitude level, more and more and more wireless transmitters around cannot be good.....

On positive side, one less cable :p
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Those of us with homes not prewired for speakers and subs, and with subs at the back of the room find the technology very interesting. I'd love to retire the cable running along the wall of my family room. The question will be how well it works. But let's not forget that Hsu has already been there and done that with their ULS-15.

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