Perlisten R7t Floor-Standing Loudspeaker Review



I created misunderstandings by using the vague word "loud". Some of you are assuming and saying the R7Ts are not loud enough based on what I wrote, which I think is a misinterpretation, partly my fault and partly the fault of human nature to read between the lines what our biases want. I wrote "It can go loud, but on rare momentary occasions I make it so loud that the R7Ts distort, so I back off so it does not distort." Sorry I cannot give numbers like db or W. Loud can be 90 db, or 110db, or other db.

Is it hard to get such numbers with REW? Would I put the mic near my ears, or at some standard distance? I am hesitant to measure as there may be too many variables for me to do it well. The work Shady does is HARD work.

The R7Ts can, and do, go loud without distorting. Any speaker, including R7Ts can be driven so loud that it distorts.

Some reasons I may have tried "so loud that the R7Ts distort" more than others would try, are:
  1. I usually use the Harmon 6db Bass boost in Dirac w crossover 30 or 40 hz.
  2. I "play" the volume control like I am some kind of maestro conductor, to get more ups and downs and get brief crescendos of satisfaction.
  3. Maybe I am trying too hard to fill a satisfaction deficit in my life.
  4. My left ear hears normal for my age, 72. My right ear has very poor hearing - nothing to do w listening too loud.
(Regarding my right ear: At age 62, when I had not listened to music for a decade, and had no loud sounds around me, I lost most of my hearing in my right ear very quickly in a one hour period. I thought it was just wax because it happened so quick, but it was a permanent loss. The doctor specialist said it does happen to some people. We tried strong antivirals to no avail.)

Thanks for the replies. Great to see some interest in these great speakers. I'd still like to know a db number for how much louder the S7Ts can go.

the people who did those subs also designed those speakers
I did not know and it is great to hear that.

Perhaps the dealer told you 30-40?
It was the manufacturer during my conversation about replacing the tweeter. But I think he was thinking more of localization and using the R7T capability fully. Not thinking about maximum loudness. I think it is good advice for most people. More subs means more even bass response at different room locations, and the R7Ts are doing sub work too.

What’s the point of being “THX..."
I assume, like me, you do not like that they are secretive with important info, and charge money, so you don't like them. But I have since decided to reserve judgement. Regarding loudness, there is a dif between "loud" and "too loud".

If Perlistens R7ts are not loud enough ...
They ARE loud enough. I did not say they are not loud enough. Compared to numbers the words are just too vague. But some of us are never satisfied. Elon Musk has $billions, but is it enough for him?
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