Panasonic SC-NA10 Bluetooth Portable Speaker Preview

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    Panasonic's $200 SC-NA10 is the first of two portable Bluetooth speakers from the AV giant. The SC-NA10 has two 1.625" drivers and a 3.125" passive radiator. With a mic for answering calls, Bluetooth, NFC (for easy pairing), low-latency apt-X, and Panasonic's own XBS Master DSP for maximizing the sound output and quality, the SC-NA10 is a speaker you won't mind taking with you. The cover doubles as a stand (aped from the iPad covers), it has a 3.5mm input, and it will charge your phone. The real claim to fame of the SC-NA10 is the battery. In long-play mode, it will last up to 20 hours - an industry best.

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