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The big selling point of the Onkyo flagship TX-NR5010 is 11.4 channel DTS Neo:X support. While it can only power nine of those channels, if you are shelling out $3000 for a receiver, we're guessing you have a few external amps lying around somewhere. With tons of other top of the line features like ISF calibration, HDMI output for Zone 2, 4k upscaling, InstaPreview, and much more, the TX-NR5010 has the guts to be the heart of your home theater. But if you aren't planning on using all 11 channels, you might be able to get most of these features (plus a few more that aren't included) for less elsewhere.

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Nice Reciever

I have a 9.2 channel Integra DHC-80.2 with an Outlaw Model 770 amp. I have yet to use more than 7 channels. I do have additional amps and speakers.
But the big Onkyo appears to be awesome!:)


I would post a link, but apparently I need 5 posts. There was a kerfuffle last week about Cisco changing how their routers worked so that users would have to connect to their cloud service in order to manage their routers. People were angry for a couple of reasons.

1. There was stealth updating going on, meaning that the user was no longer in control of the firmware that was being installed onto their routers.

2. Cisco would now be keeping an eye on what kind of traffic was passing through the router. So if it deemed the content to be inappropriate, it would shut off access to you from your router.

Because of this, I will be staying well away from this AVR.


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I bought the Onkyo TX-NR5008 9.2 channel receiver over 2 years ago and it was a troublesome install. The instructions were not as clearly detailed as it could have been and the internet connectivity was and is problematic. Even then the price was "HIGH" comparatively but the build of the receiver impressed me as solid state. I've seen two iterations of the receiver since and find no compelling reason to buy especially with the phantom power for the additional channels.:(

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