OmniMount LEDP75 Full Motion Flat Panel TV Mount



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OmniMount announced the launch of its LED Series — the next generation of mounting solutions. Built from aircraft-grade materials, engineered with patent-pending technology and offering super thin profiles, these full motion mounts and suspension systems are designed specifically for newer, lightweight LED, LCD, Plasma and 3D TVs. The LEDP75 is a full motion mount built to fit any LED, LCD, Plasma or 3D TV up to 75 lbs, and the only one that offers Dual-Mode Installation for low profile on-wall mounting or flush in-wall mounting. The ability to be installed on-wall or in-wall is a direct result of this mount being designed with its own housing for a completely self-contained solution. Mounted on-wall, the mount is fully enclosed in the casing for a very clean appearance.

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