Older AVR vs. New Integrated Amp



Audioholic Ninja
I thoroughly enjoy getting over on the marketers of today, by holding the marketers of 20+ years ago to their word about how durable these built-like-tank AVRs were made. Mine still looks like new and somehow manages to look better to my eye than newer ones.

As much as I like Yamaha sound, their rectangular knobs trigger my OCD.

My AVR is not in plain view. Everyone forgets that is what I am using when the music starts. They just assume it is something high end because it sounds that way.

It would be foolish for me to upgrade from here and I would have to spend thousands to make it more than a lateral move, sound quality wise . I instead play with amp kits and some of the Chi-fi amps and smaller speakers to cure the shopping urge and while tippy toeing my way into class D. Alternative systems for portable use and other amusing setups in other rooms.


Audioholic Ninja
i've always been a fan of threeways tho !! :)
I am a fan of 3-ways (or 2.5 at least) for full range use where I don't have subs and for loud music. I am more likely, at least in the monitor types, to find a 3-way that will dip into the mid 30hz range, without sharing so much of the sub-bass with the midrange driver. I'm not so much a fan of two ways that are tortured in which to play so low like they do these days. The drivers cones and motors just move too much for my liking and that seems to muddy or confuse the midrange somehow.

That, and these two ways that are seemingly designed for full range performance tend to have lower sensitivity, which for my use, makes them rather incompatible with the other trend that is currently pushing so many low powered (50wpc) amps right alongside of them.

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