Oh no not again Divx is reborn

Clint DeBoer

Clint DeBoer

<font color='#000000'>The only good thing here is that I believe the market will rule... DivX stank, and everyone (who had a brain) knew it...

This one will die a painful death, too if it not pleasing...

I wonder if it will have degradation from the start or just suddenly at the end as they say...

On a positive note I would say it certainly levels the playing field for online retail stores to send discs to people for viewing...</font>


Oh no Dvix is reborn

You forgot the whole word is against the MPAA, electronics experts will find a work around and I will buy it and continue doing things as I please. IMHO This or any other Divx, like the Edsel is headed for obscurity.


Audioholic Overlord
Jeez, who pulled the stake out of it's heart? Put it back.

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