NOX Audio Scout In-Ear Headset Introduced



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NOX Audio introduces the Scout headset, the second in its line of audiophile-quality products. The Scout features the latest in high-efficiency balanced armature technology and is tuned to deliver exemplary bass and a wide, clean, dynamic sound range. Design elements of the Scout were created with active lifestyles in mind: Flexible silicone fins comfortably secure the earbud inside the ear which hold the headphones in place while running, exercising or traveling. The Scout's stylish square and flat cables help reduce cord tangles, and the "world's smallest" send/end button is located right at the Y-split of the headset for convenience.

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During 2018, it is a real renovation year in Bluetooth headsets development, especially the TWS, true wireless Bluetooth headsets.No matter from the appearance and from functional, it jumped out a big scope.
From V4.0 to now V5.0
From before single channel talking to now both channels talking and listening
From before to manual operation for pairing to now full-automatic pairing
Much more convenient

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