Niveus Media Center - Denali Limited Edition HDTV



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"The all new powerful Denali Limited Edition. Silent, fanless construction... audio/video living room form factor... world class computing performance, and now with dual high definition television and HD audio... no other media center system compares... "

Quick Specs: P4 3.4Ghz HT, 2GB 400Mhz DDR SDRAM, 1 Terabyte HDD, Slot Load Progressive Scan Dual Layer DVD Recorder, Dual TV Tuner, Dual HDTV, ATI X850 ISF PCI Express, 24-bit/192Khz High Definition 8-Channel Audio & Windows XP MCE 2005 with HDTV



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Wow! I want one right now!!

When, or are they out allready? How much do they cost?


A P4 without a fan? What kind of cooling do they use? The P4's get REALLY hot.
Plus they are probably using 2 or 3 harddisks to achieve the 1tb capacity. That's also a LOT of heat.


Thanks for the link.

The only cooling feature that really stood out are the heatsinks. But they are not all that impressive compared to the heatsinks you find on dedicated amps. But then again, I have no idea how much heat a P4 plus a couple of harddrives put out against an amp.

As to those pipes, as stated, every laptop has some built in. My laptop has a P4, and has 3 fans, and it still feels toasty.

Why didn't they use a Pentium M? Should produce much less heat.


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That thing seems ridiculously expensive ($4800-6000!?!), you can probably build one yourself for about half the price. The X850XT graphics card is a little overkill, your not going to need that much power unless you plan on playing computer games on your big screen(which rocks BTW), in that case might as well get the new Nvidia 7800GTX which will make sure you can run just about all games perfectly even at 1080p. Heatpipe cooling on the pentium 3.4 and the X850XT is probably pretty good, but not anywhere as good as water cooling. I imagine they are still kinda warm. Those prescott P4's put out upwards of 105W of heat. The Intel "soundcard" is just an onboard sound that's coming stock on most motherboards now, and blows compared to the likes of M-Audio add-in cards. 2GB of DDR400 RAM is also a little overkill, probably better to go with 1GB of faster RAM. They are charing 1000 bucks for 4GB, you can get 4GB for under $500 all day long. When it comes to computers DIY is almost always better.

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