Nintendo Wii to Launch Video Service



Audioholics Robot
Staff member
Dentsu Inc, one of Japan's largest ad agencies, said this week that it would team up with Nintendo to launch a video distribution service on their Wii console. Specifics are sketchy at best, but the companies plan to offer programs specifically created for the service as opposed to carrying existing TV shows and movies. Whether or not this means hordes of crystal-seeking anime children's shows or adults dressed up as awkward teenage superheroes remains a mystery, but it's sure to make a splash in either case.

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Audioholic Spartan
If they want you to use a Wii for video, they should start by allowing you to play DVD's on it... I personally found it very lame for nintendo to have not included this capability from day one. I know the Wii doesn't need any help moving off the shelves, but it does add value, or at least perceived value, and I'm sure it would take nothing more than a firmware update to enable this.

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