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The Niles iC2 remote control offers an option for those of us who prefer hard button remotes over the sea of touchscreen-based remotes that have flooded the market. For years, the original IntelliControl remote from Niles was a reference standard for higher-end tabletop remotes. But as TiVo, DVR's, Satellite and Cable became the norm in most home theater setups, the venerable IntelliControl began to show it's age (and weakness) as it ran out of buttons for the new features found on the remote controls belonging to this new breed of electronics. Last year Niles introduced a completely reworked version of the IntelliControl, appropriately called the iC2, which answers the call for a bulletproof, hard-button remote control.

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Hi Ho

Hi Ho

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The iC2 looks like a big improvement over the original IC system but it doesn't look like it would ever sway me away from my URC MX-900 or the newer MX-980. I too am not a huge fan of touch screen remotes. I prefer hard buttons. I think the MX-900/980 is the best of both worlds offering a completely customizable graphical screen with graphical buttons that are activated by hard buttons along the edge of the screen. I find this layout to be infinitely more customizable and useful. One handed operation is also a big plus.

One feature of the iC2 that I really like is the video sync feature. That makes programming rock solid macros much easier for components that lack discrete on/off commands (which are far too common). In order to get that functionality with URC one much purchase the MSC-400.


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Thanks Hi Ho. Great points - good overview of some of the competition out there. Lots of remotes, lots of opinions, lots of choice. Glad to see you have found your sweet spot. I am always interested in what people are using. Seems there is never a perfect remote - at least not an affordable one!

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