New Home Theater set-up advice



Hello everybody, I am looking for some advice for my home theater set-up in my new house. Unfortunately, it is not an ideal room due to it being open to the lower level. I have attached the floor plan. I am considering two options. They both include projector screen. First setup limits me to 100 inch screen due to throw distance. Putting screen on wall where steps are and seats on opposite side. This set up leaves me with only 2 atmos speakers. Second option with putting screen in front of a window (will just block with thick black foam) I can get away with a 120 inch. In this set up I would have to buy in wall for sorrounds. I already own 4 B&W in cieling for atmos and 5 B&W box speakers (600 series) as mains. Open to any ideas if you guys dont mind. Thanks.



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