Netflix: Glass onion: A knives out mystery



Audioholic Overlord
Most of us saw and liked the first movie; according to critics, the second one doesn't disappoint.
The bad news is movie release schedule is cluster duck. Get a load of this:
Here’s the thing: It’s not a wide release, rather a 600 theaters booking in U.S. and Canada, plus additional markets overseas. It’s being billed by Netflix as a sneak preview run. Here are some of the terms: Knives Out 2 will play for one week, from Nov. 23-29, and then there will be a blackout period for the film in the remaining weeks before it hits Netflix on Dec. 23. Essentially a 30-day window, even though the theaters don’t have it for 30 days.

I'm looking forward to this movie, but I'd rather watch it today than right before Xmas.


Audioholic Samurai
Fortunately, it's in my area and we are going to see it in a theater. Eary reviews say it's better than the first.

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