Need help with Yahmaha HTR- 3064 issue. Sub woofer turns ON but does not produce any bass.



I have a Yamaha HTR-3064 5.1 Channel A/V Digital Receiver along with sub woofer model no. NS-SW20.

The issue: The sub woofer turns ON but does not produce any bass / sound.

Cable between receiver and subwoofer is OK.
Except woofer all other speakers working OK.
All settings in the receiver are set to support woofer operation.
When the audio cable ( between receiver & woofer) is removed from receiver end and is touched with finger, the woofer makes a humming sound
video link

Can anyone help me to identify the issue here ?


Audioholic Intern
Not a lot to go with based on your description. If I was to start looking for this, I’d start with:
- source and its encoding, as well as the sound mode the receiver is in. Stereo and particularly Pure may not engage the Subwoofer, check your manual to make sure.
- crossover settings and having all speakers set to Small. If they are set to Large, the low frequencies stay with these speakers.
You said that you checked all relevant settings, apologies for mentioning them.

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