Need help with surround system setup let me know if you would change anything

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    Can someone let me know if speakercraft speakers are going to make a good surround system. I am looking for the best possible sound system. Let me know if you would change anything or do anything different or if the price is good. Would you recommend getting ceiling speakers for the front and center channel or should I get a standalone speakers would it sound better? This system is going to be a 7.1 channel system. Let me know your thoughts. What better speakers would you choose for this system? Thanks

    Surround System In Basement

    Onkyo Surround Receiver w/ Zone 2 preout & pandora Product Labor
    7 X 100 watts per channel $630.00 $75.00
    pro hdmi w/ internet - to TV $70.00 $30.00
    HD Sat Box $25.00
    pro 6 foot hdmi w/ internet - satellite $25.00
    Game System $25.00
    pro 6 foot hdmi w/ internet - game $25.00
    1 paid speakercraft AIM 7 Two Round Ceiling Speakers $400.00
    1 Single Speakercraft AIM7 Center Speaker - $200.00
    (1) pair speakercraft CRS6 zero found ceiling speakers - $230.00
    (1) pair speakercraft CRS6 zero found ceiling speakers - $230.00
    (1) Velodyne Subwoofer - 12" powered & Active $500.00

    Mech Room
    Niles ZR-6 $1900.00 $150.00

    workout room
    Niles Solo-6 MD (keypad w/Meta Data Display) $280.00 $50.00
    (1) pair SpeakerCraft AIM 7 Two Round Ceiling Spkrs $400.00 $50.00

    Bonfire Pit
    SC Rock Speakers $350.00 $150.00
    Niles Solo-6 MD (keypad w/Meta Data Display) $280.00 $50.00

    This is the quote for just the wiring.

    LOWER LEVEL Product & Labor

    Wire for 7.1 Surround Sound - Locations of speakers TBD 195.00
    Wire for Keypad & Speakers for this room 75.00
    Satellite TV wiring (Coax 2, Cat-5 1 & Phone 1) 75.00 75.00
    Conduit for Future 50.00 75.00
    Control & Power for possible iPad Wall Mag Mount 20.00 75.00
    Move & Add 1 Vac Inlet 50.00 150.00
    All House Wires back to here

    Wire for Keypad & Speakers for this room 75.00


    Existing Conduit in place (Needs to be brought into house) 20.00 75.00
    Wire for Keypad, Network Antenna & Speakers for out here 35.00 95.00

    Wire for Keypad & Speakers out here 75.00
    Conduit for Future 49.17 75.00


    Make sure there is the possiblity to get wires here 75.00

    Equipment 299.17
    Estimated Installation 1,115.00
    Sales tax 100.83

    Total Change Order 1,515.00
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    $ cd ~/Earth/North America/USA
    By now you are probably wondering why you got no replies. It's because what you're asking for here is a professional review of your own system design. A hobbyist might have an opinion or two, but may not want to share it because of how extensive your system is. A professional wouldn't want to post suggestions because, well, he's a professional. Sort of like trying to diagnose a sick patient via email. And a pro won't want to give away free advise when that's how he makes his living.

    You ask for the best possible sound system, yet you don't define a budget to work in. Based on the numbers you post, the "Best Possible", in the absolute sense, would mean you are way low in budget. I doubt anyone would expect the "Best Possible" from ceiling speakers. You put speakers in the ceiling because you either have no choice, for aesthetic reasons that win over sound quality, or ignorance. Or, in your case it looks like you may have some free speakers around, but if your goal is "best possible", even if speakers are free, if they are wrong, they are just wrong.

    Please don't be insulted at my comments, but if you're really going to go to all that effort, hire a pro to at least consult. An A/V professional charges between $85 and $150 per hour. Hire him for an hour or three to walk through your place and work with you. Then at least you'll have a qualified professional's opinion instead of unqualified random posts.

    What you're doing here is asking, in a free forum, for free advise, on which to build an extensive AV system in what seems to be a rather significant home. Unless the home was free too, you might want to consider paying an A/V pro at least what you'll pay a good electrician, and get some good, qualified advise.

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