I watched this in an IMAX theater and the sound was obviously incredible. Has anyone had a chance to watch it on DVD yet. I hope I am not let down because I have been antzy waiting for it to be released on DVD. My home theater has been out of commission due to a wife enforced remodel. She wanted to do this one week before its release. It will now be two weeks before the contractor is done.
If anyone can give me a personel review it will help getting me through my Home Theater withdrawals.

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I got it a couple weeks ago. It's pretty cool. Not enough action, though. Too much documentary crap about what goes on in the garage, etc. The racing scenes were great, though...


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Any resemblence to an Imax DVD is strictly an accident. I missed it at the theater, it must have been impressive in 3D. But the DVD version comes across as a Speed Channel 24/7 of Nascar. If the DVD had been in 3D, OK. The sound is unbalanced. Keifer Sutherland is faint in the center channel so you increase the volume. Then the surrounds lite up and blow away the neighbours. I hope they redo it in 3D with a little less emphasis on the engines, please.


I agree

I agree the sound mix was not impressive at all. Maybe my expectations were a little high after seeing it at an IMAX with 10,000 watts of power. The cars were loud and there was a tremendous amount of bass but that is about all I can speak of. They could have spent more time bringing out the music and dialogue. Very dissappointed that their were no special features either. Days of Thunder sounded just as good and it is a first generation disc.
Come on IMAX you can do better than this.

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