Hello guys, this is a 3d archiviz of my living space. As you can see there’s a bit of a wall protruding out that I cannot knock down. And it is connected to my study area. So my wife say it is best if I only mount my speakers on top of the screen as you can see from the picture.
I know this isn’t ideal. Ideally I would also like my LCR to be at ear level. However I don’t think it’s very possible in this house.

I would like to ask do you guys have experience with setup like this? Like mounting the LCR above the screen and pointing them down? Will the vertical staging be so bad that when i watch movies or listen to music i feel like everything is coming from way too above?

if that's really the case, I really have to try and convince my wife to use speaker stands buy i am afraid she will not agree due to floor space obstruction.
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William Lemmerhirt

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What does the the rest of the space look like? Is there a way to rotate the orientation?


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That's a pretty good render. I first thought you actually had the speakers installed. :) I have two surround setups with one where the L+R speakers are mounted high due to where the doorways are located in the room (I have in-walls for the LCR). It's not great but still much better than the speakers built in to the TV. I opted to install the centre below the TV as that is much closer to ear level. In your situation the centre above the screen may be a better option but the centre speaker looks small. Go with 3 identical speakers if you can as the centre will carry most of the dialogue and needs to be high quality for intelligible dialogue.

Rooms like this are all about managing expectations and setting reasonable goals. You might be able to add side or rear surrounds but height and ceiling speakers would not make sense with the LCR up that high. Will the vertical staging bother you? We can't answer that one for you as that is personal preference. You will not get an immersive theatre like sound presentation with this room but that does not mean that you can not enjoy it for what it is. The speakers are close to the screen and your seating distance appears to be far enough away that it could work for casual viewing and gaming.
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