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    I am reviewing the Svs-PB-1000 as I was one of the contest winners to audition. Going off of Svs website, it is a 10" front firing, ported subwoofer with a 3.5 inch port also on the front. Frequency range is 19-270 hz, dimensions 18.4"h x 15"w x 17.4"d, weight 46 lbs, 5 year warranty. Power 300 Watts RMS 720 Peak.

    My audio equipment consists of an Onkyo 818, which I recently got for Christmas, my fronts are Paradigm Monitor 7 ver. 4, center Paradigm CC-290 ver. 5, rears are Klipsch Quintett III, present subwoofer is a Velodyne VA 1012B(19 years old). My television consists of Panasonic 54G10, and I have a Acer H9500BD 1080p projector, 120" Vapex Screen. Media consists of PS3 for Video, and some audio, as well as Mac Mini for some music.

    I live in an apartment, so much of my listening must be a little tame, usually below the 75 db reference level, but plenty loud enough to feel the action, plus with Dynamic Equalizer, you can get nice bass at lower volume levels. My room size is 18x16x9(2592 cubic feet), which opens into a hallway, and my dining room, which is 8'5" x 8'9" x9'(662 cubic feet). Initially I placed the sub where my Velodyne usually is and that would be the right corner, on auralex subdude riser. I then ran Audyssey a couple of different times.

    Without getting overly technical all I can say is that the sub never stresses itself, and seems to be plenty powerful, and creates potent, punchy bass that gets your attention, yet digs deeper than I can remember my present sub doing. I did set it up a little hot at 78db, then letting Audyssey correct to -1.5db. I also crossed over the center and fronts at 80hz, rears 150. Sub set to LFE, gain ~12 o'clock.


    For movies I used an old familiar in Underworld, Tron Legacy, Band of Brothers, Transformers Dark of Moon and new movies Looper, Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning. You never find bass lacking in any of the action scenes, it was always tight, authoritative, while being able to blend subtlties in quieter atmospheric and intimate moments.


    For music I listen to many of my favorites, Today I checked out Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here", Krudeer Dormeister "The K&D Sessions", Royksopp Melody AM, Game of Thrones Original Soundtrack, and assorted dubstep, techno and rap. I cannot stress how seamlessly this subwoofer integrated with my present home theater setup. For music I felt like the PB-1000 did very well in all of the material I threw at it. Game of Thrones is a soundtrack with many instruments that you could use in a symphony, orchestra setting, and the PB-1000 thrived in this arena, while also demonstrating enough power for dubstep, and electronica such as Kruder Dormeister.

    For the majority of the time I ran the PB-1000 on its own, my personal sub was having issues, but I did get a chance to pair them together. I really like the sound of two subwoofers simultaneosly. I recalibrated and checked levels and placed them equidistant from my listening area. The PB-1000 really meshed well with my Velodyne. I would highly recommend buying 2 at the $949 discounted price, but 1 is more than enough for a small to medium sized room. I provided some readings I got from REW, I am very new to using the program and would not put too much stock in them, but I thought it would be fun to have a gander at.


    I think I would qualify the PB-1000 as a handsome medium sized subwoofer, not overly heavy, but solidly built. I really enjoyed the fit and finish of the back plate with the high quality connections, and nobs that click in small concise increments. I'm not sure if you can turn the blue light off, but black electrical tape would be a workaround. I only noticed this after moving it a little closer to my TV. It came in a box that is basically dummy proof, telling you to rotate it to the bottom to easier unbox it.


    I was very impressed with the overall value and complete package the PB-1000 delivers. For entry level price you are getting beyond entry level performance, with attractive fit and finish. The warranty is also very impressive, not your typical 1 year warranty, but 5 years and that really speaks to me, demonstrating you can count on at least 5 years of quality usage and beyond. I would recommend a riser with this, it does have smaller feet, but it would be best to use a riser if you have carpet like mine. I was very happy to have the opportunity to review this unit, wish I had a little more time, but it did not disappoint.

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