MTV Games 2nd Annual Rock Band Competition at Harrah's



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Harrah's Entertainment and MTV Games are once again seeking the best Rock Band gamers in the United States with The 2nd Annual Total Rock, Total Rewards Rock Band Competition. Five participating Harrah's Total Rewards Casinos will host Rock Band Nights. MTV Games will work with an additional 15 venues across the U.S. to host Rock Band Bar Nights, between May 1 and June 13. The top scoring band from each venue will receive a chance to enter and compete at the Bally's Atlantic City hotel and casino, July 1-2. The winning band will receive $10,000 and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Ringo Starr.

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You know, I saw Ringo Starr on the Daily Show a few months back and thought, "There's a guy who's decades past his prime." I'm not sure how motivated I'd be to meet him.

$10K, on the other hand....

Though it does bring to mind a comment someone made when George Harrison passed away... "It's kind of a shame to realize that Ringo Starr is the most dignified remaining Beatle."

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