McIntosh on the move........again !

Replicant 7

Replicant 7

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@Mikado463 hey brother, you've ever owned anything of McIntosh? I've always wanted to try out their gear. Just to expensive for me, I mean I could've gotten a amp from them but very pricey. BestBuy always has their tube amp up front on display in their Magnolia department, I always drool over it every time I go there.


50 years of Mac for me.. I love it. C11-C2500. MC30-MC1.2. I kept a lot of it. It's as different as the last person that worked on it.. Their newer gear not so much. BUT you learn what sound what way.. I like Mac valve pre amps with Cary valve power amps. V12r (s) in particular. Samra's Mac builds are pretty classic. I have a few. I usually use small planars and ribbons for monitors and DBA Servo bass systems these days.

Mac has tone control. :) I have LS preamps Cary SLP-05 it's a keeper. I still like Macs though. Easy to find parts for the most part. I've never had a problem with over 75 pieces.. I kept 35 or so.. Vintage mainly.. HO trains too.. LOL

HT are nice MX120-170 all work just newer features.. Tough stuff for the most part.. I have a MC225 that looks brand new. It is actually. Yup, I collect stuff..


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