Marantz New Products Interview Demos Separates & Blu-ray



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Marantz made their presence known in a big way at the 2008 Audioholics Expo with their new separates and flagship DLP video projector. The AV8003 and MM8003 are the first of the newly redesigned line of AV receivers and processors which borrow some of the cosmetic stylings from their Reference line. Dubbed the M1 chassis, the new design is also designed to better dissipate heat and reduce vibrations. Audyssey auto-calibration is include and so it XM and HD Radio. Balanced outputs are available on the AV8003 and a digital media player is included to allow consumers to stream content from a PC, Escient or NAS drive to the home theater. The system not only does audio, but also plays video from networked storage.

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