Loudspeaker Face-Off III

Clint DeBoer

Clint DeBoer

<font color='#000000'>Introduction

You may be puzzled when you look at this Loudspeaker Face Off and notice that there are brands and models of Loudspeakers ranging drastically in price and size. There is a reason to our madness as to why we chose such a diverse range of Loudspeakers to review.

These were the speakers available to us.

Most importantly, price and size don't always dictate quality.



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<font color='#000000'>I just wanted to add my vote for the superiority of RBH speakers. &nbsp;I have the 661 se and am upgrading to the 661LSE for center and 1266 LSE for mains. &nbsp;A great speaker from (for me anyway) a previously unknown company until recently.</font>


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<font color='#000000'>Hi
RBH has been around for a long time mid 70's I think,
now I am showing my age &nbsp;
&nbsp;Anyway I believe that RBH
puts a large% of there revenu back into the speaker line
instead of using it for marketing Thus they are not as well known but do deliver a better product in my opinion
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