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I’ve slowly been putting a home theater back together and ran across a RX-A1020 receiver for 100 dollars at an estate sale. Currently I’m running a RX-V2500 that I really like! I would like to have some kind of HDMI connectivity. I understand this is way out of dated but I feel like it’s better or at least easier to deal with then optic cables. As far as video goes I’m not as concerned with 4K at this point since my display isn’t capable anyway and truthfully what I have looks fine to me for now. I just added a Monolith 16” THX ultra sub and I’m running CDM- 7NT’s up front with a CDM center. I’m going to upgrade the rear surrounds to a pair of Arendal 1961 book shelf’s. I guess my question is does this receiver change make sense? My 2500 seems to drive my towers to acceptable levels and I have a bit of a concern going down in amp output. 150 to 110. Anyone care to chime in I’d appreciate it.


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A 150 WPC and 110 WPC AVR are equivalent power wise.

To get a noticeable output difference compared to a 150 WPC unit; you either have to go down to ~75 WPC or up to ~300 WPC (i e. halve or double the power) to change acoustic output by 3dB.

If the newer AVR has features you would like, $100 is a small risk IMHO.


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