Leaving for UK today



Seriously, I have no life.
Just a heads up, in the unlikely event someone has a question, we are leaving for the UK for three weeks today.

We fly out at 5:00 PM today.

One of my sons three grandchildren have been bugging us for some time for this trip. They arrive Thursday, and we will be in Kent, and then London for a few days, then up to Southwold Suffolk. The end of next week we go the the west country, Herefordshire and Wales to visit my wife's relatives. My sons family leave for Paris after that and we will return to Kent, via Evesham. We will be visiting my wife's close friends from nursing school, at Evesham, Conyer wharf on the Swale that goes round the Isle of Sheppey and a trip to Deal just North of Dover on the English Channel. So my wife and I will have to get used to English diving again.

The motorways around London get worse with every trip.


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Have a great trip, but I don't think you can get used to English driving :rolleyes:
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