Leap Motion Touch-free Controller Review

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    The Leap Motion Controller is a motion controller in the form of a small rectangle that you wave your hands above to control your PC or Mac. There are reasons that someone might need a Leap Motion but they are fairly specific and, if you are reading this review, probably don't apply to you. I really like it and absolutely think it was worth the $80 asking price. If you have $80 to burn and don't mind taking a chance on a device, the Leap Motion Controller is certainly worth it. As there are new updates and new apps released almost daily, I've very hopeful that the Leap Motion will evolve into something essential. As it stands, it is more of a curiosity.

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    I tried Leap Motion too. I found the apps "interesting", but useless in the practical sense. I found the device itself to be elegantly designed physically, but the system (software and hardware) to be half-baked. As a pointing device, it was hopelessly sloppy. Just trying to use it to control a browser was a complete mess. I never appreciated how much precision there is in pointing and clicking until I tried Leap Motion. So, aside from using their own apps to demo the concept, it was a pointless pointing device. I had envisioned placing it below my 50" plasma and using it to interact with the screen...not going to happen.

    I also found the device gets quite warm, qualifying for "hot" at times. It's highly affected by ambient light, even that from your own monitor. They make positioning sound non-critical, but in actuality it's very critical, and doesn't work well at all unless placed correctly.

    But I also discovered another problem. I pre-ordered mine months before it was available. I got it in late July, tried it, and decided I had no need to keep it. Returning it was simple, and can be done online. But then the problems began. Actually getting credit back too almost a month, numerous emails (in which Leap Motion insisted they'd refunded me already), calls to the bank, and back to emails. The refund finally came through, but it was anything but timely, and smooth.

    This may someday be a great product, but if you're thinking "iPad control without the touch", forget it. Not even close. The best demo was one where you could influence the direction of a school of fish. The worst was actually trying to use it as a substitute for a track pad or mouse. I would say, not recommended yet. I'll watch for reviews of V 2.0, if it ever gets that far.

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