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Klipsch Introduces THX Ultra2 Home Theater Speaker System

SUMMARY: Exclusive Tractrix® Horn technology, advanced titanium-dome compression tweeters, and Cerametallic woofers bring extraordinary performance and reliability to these install-friendly speakers.

INDIANAPOLIS (September 27, 2002) — In response to customer and installer demand, Klipsch has introduced a complete THX® Ultra2 certified home theater speaker system. The typical system consists of three LCR front speakers (one with a flush front and two with mirror angle fronts), four WDST™ (Wide Dispersion Surround Technology) surround speakers, and a pair of 12-inch subwoofers driven by an external 1-kilowatt amplifier. Because the system is designed for optimal versatility, any combination of the sonically matched LCR speakers, whether angled or flush will deliver the desired performance, and the LCRs may be used as surrounds as well. Proprietary Klipsch Tractrix® Horn tweeters and Cerametallic™ woofers are used throughout to deliver the ultimate in power, detail, and emotional impact from compact, easy-to-install cabinets.

Kerry Geist, chief engineer for home products, describes the new system as “a big step up in performance” for this category. “Klipsch is a major supplier of professional stage and cinema loudspeakers. We knew that we could leverage our expertise in that sphere with our experience in home speakers to create real theater sound in customers’ homes. At the same time, we wanted the system to be easy to install and set up in almost any room. No other speakers designed for custom installation offer such a combination of flexibility, reliability, and sound quality.”

Each of the three front speakers has two 5.25-inch Cerametallic woofers and a 6- by 10-inch Tractrix Horn tweeter. The tweeter driver is the same 1.75-inch titanium-dome compression unit used in the top Klipsch professional and Reference Series home speakers. Designed specifically for use with horns, this compression driver provides high output capability with low distortion. The horn is responsible for the high efficiency Klipsch speakers are known for and also controls the directivity of the tweeter’s output. Controlled directivity minimizes floor, wall, and ceiling reflections that can muddy the sound and impair imaging. Tractrix Horns enable the front speakers to meet THX® directivity specifications without the interference and lobing effects that plague the multiple-tweeter arrays commonly used for this purpose. The left and right front speakers are a mirror-image pair, with their tweeters on baffles angled slightly in toward the listening area for optimum high-frequency distribution; the center speaker has a flat baffle. At the bottom end, rigid, lightweight Cerametallic cones and heavy magnets give the dual woofers high efficiency and output capability together with excellent immunity to breakup and distortion.

The surround speakers use a pair of the same 5.25-Cerametallic woofers and dual 5-inch square Tractrix® Horn tweeters in a Wide Dispersion Surround Technology array. Each woofer/tweeter set is on an angled baffle facing opposite the other, with the tweeters on a diagonal to one another to minimize interference between their outputs. WDST delivers a unique combination of diffusion and coverage, yielding the benefits of both diffuse- and direct-radiating surround speakers with the drawbacks of neither. Listeners enjoy the deep, enveloping surround sound field characteristic of diffuse-radiating designs together with the precise localization of specific effects typically provided only by direct-radiating models. The tweeters employ a 1-inch version of the titanium-dome compression drivers used in the front speakers to assure precise tonal match all around.

To achieve the very high deep-bass output in large rooms that is required for THX Ultra2 certification, this system has two compact, high-performance subwoofers with 12-inch, long-throw Cerametallic drivers. These twin, decor-friendly subwoofers deliver the low-frequency capability of a single, much bulkier sub while greatly increasing placement flexibility. The subwoofers are driven by an external 1-kilowatt amplifier tailored to their characteristics for maximum undistorted output and reliability. The amplifier, which can be conveniently located near the rest of the installation’s electronics, has a built-in, switchable low-pass crossover and a room-gain compensation switch.

All enclosures have the dado and rabbet construction used in Klipsch professional speakers, ensuring cabinet integrity in suspended applications. Omni-Mount suspension points on the LCR and surround speakers facilitate wall or ceiling mounting using standard hardware. The surround speakers come in a textured black finish. The LCR speakers and subwoofers are available in that finish or a distinctive metallic silver gloss.

Klipsch Audio Technologies is a privately held global corporation with worldwide corporate headquarters in Indianapolis and manufacturing facilities in Hope, Arkansas. Klipsch makes and markets premium home, commercial, professional cinema and multimedia loudspeakers under the Klipsch brand name, and high-end amplifiers, preamplifiers, processors and other electronics under the Mondial Designs and Aragon brand names. Klipsch is the official loudspeaker brand of the Hard Rock Cafe and the only company in the world to have THX certification in four audio categories.

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