<font color='#0000FF'>im thinking of up-grading the center channel of my system to the rc-7. does anyone have this as a center? and what do you think of it? &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;thanks....ric</font>


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<font color='#000000'>Richard;

Just a few suggestions, perhaps you should tell others what you plan on using for mains, rears, sub, and electronics, also room size and listening preferences.

IMO it is imperative to voice match front and center speakers for a more seemless blend of the front soundstage. &nbsp;Rears are also important, but room acoustics usually nullifies the possibility of accurately voice matching.

As for the Klipsch speakers you mentioned, I have personally demoed the RF series at a friends home. &nbsp;I was surprisingly impressed with them. &nbsp;They didn't sound as bright or &quot;horn-like&quot; as I would have thought. &nbsp;Viewing movies in his home on his Yamaha RXV-3000 and Klipsch speaker system was quite enjoyable, as was listening to music. &nbsp;A very nice budget system IMO.</font>


<font color='#0000FF'>thanks for the tip gene. &nbsp; &nbsp;heres my system; &nbsp;onkyo tx-sr700 klipsch rf-3II for the fronts, klipsch rc-3 center. klipsch rs-3 surrounds, velodyne 12&quot; sub. mostly using it for movies (wife loves movies ), for me i love to listen to music with the system, prog rock. thanks again.</font>


<font color='#000000'>Hi
If you plan on keeping the RF-3 for the fronts then keep the
RC-3 It is &quot;voiced to match the RF-3
having said that the RC-7 is spectacular &nbsp;I have done installs
with the RC-7 used as front left and right,center and RS-7 on the side and RC-7 in the rear as the EX/ES channels with
amazing results &nbsp; &nbsp;One of my own systems consists of
RF-7 front RC-7 Center RS-7 sides and RF-7 Back
The RC-7 uses a 1.75&quot; Titanium Comp tweeter
same as the RF-7
The RC-3 uses a 1&quot; Titanium Comp tweeter same as the RF-3
Cheers Ray</font>

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