JVC X500R - Zoomed out and now can't zoom back in to max size?!



Hey folks!

My JVC X500R projector was at 100% zoom and I tried to zoom out to play around with the image but when I zoomed in the projector would only reach 80% of the original max zoom size.

Any ideas how I can fix this?


Audioholic Warlord
I answered this on another forum where you asked the same question. Here is a copy/paste of that answer...

This isn't the type of fix which is going to happen with the remote control I would expect. It may be that one of the control motors for the projector has gone bad, or is fouled up. If this is the case, you may need to send it in for repair, or attempt a repair on your own.

If trying a repair on your own, check out FixItFrank on YouTube for a ton of projector teardowns.

It may just require a thorough cleaning. It is coming up on 10 years old, and it has fans in it, so a thorough cleaning may be all that is necessary to get rid of all these years of dust build up which could be all that it needs. If it needs a new motor, then you may need to reach out to JVC.



I reached out to JVC and they completely ignored me unfortunately. However, I managed to come up with my own solution :)

Here's what I first tried unsuccessfully:
  • Applying my user profile (which has 100% zoom)
  • Unplugging the projector from the power socket for 1 hour
  • Shifting the lens picture position up and down as much as possible
  • Zooming without any HDMI cables connected
  • Zooming out as much as possible and then zooming in to 100%

Here's the steps which solved the issue for me personally:
  1. Disabling environment settings (such as distance to the screen)
  2. Unplugging all HDMI cables from the projector
  3. Turning the projector off for 3 hours (with the remote)
  4. I shook the projector up and down as much as possible before turning it on (while it was still mounted to the ceiling)
  5. I turned it on > went straight to zoom control inside the settings menu > zoomed out for about 2 seconds (since in this timespan you'll be able to hear a heavy mechanical sound while the lens is starting to zoom out) and then I instantly zoomed in as much as possible (for reference if you hold the zoom for too long the sound turns into a electric noise instead of mechanical)

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