JVC Professional DLA-X90R 4K 3D Projector Preview



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JVC came to CEDIA with a sort of braggadocio attitude. They spoke out a little on dynamic iris contrast ratios since they can't do both black levels and high output at the same time. Their answer to this was to demo material on their <!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --> $11,995 DLA-RS65 reference 3-chip projector with e-shift technology. e-Shift is what JVC is using to accomplish it's pseudo-4K projection, which is intended to upscale 1080p content (which, incidentally, is about the only way anybody is going to see 4K at home in the near future). While Sony's demo utilized an actual 4K panel (albeit rather unimpressively in our instance), JVC uses electronics and video processing to establish 3840 x 2160 4K resolution by shifting the image half a pixel up and to the side at 120Hz. Where JVC might have overextended themselves is that they enhanced the lumen output of the DLA-X90R by using a 127" diagonal Stewart Reflections 170 screen material which provides 1.7 gain. The result were lots of sparkly hot spots on the screen whenever pure white was shown.

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Saw the demo at CEDIA.

JVC's booth was somewhat dead. Their demo presentation was the worst - by far - compared to Epson & Sony. I did like the fish 3D content they showed, however all of the other things packed into the (roughly) 12 minute demo was virtually useless. The "4K" (yeah... I used air quotes when i typed that) stuff they demo'd was virtually all still shots of yarn & thread. No wow factor.

Underwhelmed is how I left their booth.


Jvc dla-x90r

Can someone recommend the Optimum Screen for this new Projector ?

I already have a Stewart Grayhawk RS 110" Diagonal but this was before HDMI and 3D was launched .

Should i stay with 110" or go bigger ?
Throw distance is 6m from ceiling location .




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With JVC I wouldn't go much bigger than a 120" minimal gain white screen. No reason to be using a grey screen unless your room sucks. In which case, get something other than a JVC projector as the blacks will be lost on you.

Reading things, I have a very hard time justifying any and all 4K hoopla. There is no content at all in this format, and absolutely no need for it.

JVC has a phenomenal projector in the RS65 I'm sure - but at almost $12,000, it's not at all worth it.

jnr: Save your money. If you want a good JVC projector, then get their RS45 or RS55 for thousands less, enjoy it for a few years, then you will see when/if 4K has a real market, and you will see 4K projectors at half the price they are now.

Seriously, I see the RS45 at about $2,999 street, while the RS65 will be closer to $9,999 street. Maybe a bit less.

In anything other than perfect conditions, I would bet most people won't be able to tell them apart.

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