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Introducing the new M2 Master Reference Monitor from JBL. This new speaker system is said to feature a revolutionary waveguide dubbed 'Image Control' that provides neutral off-axis frequency response. The D2 compression horn driver is crossed over at 800 Hz. Both the tweeter and woofer utilize dual voice coils for increased power handling and heat dissipation.

Each monitor is powered by 1,000 watts of Crown I-Tech power. Users either employ the special Crown amp with digital xo/processing, or use other amp with separate (JBL supplied) digital xo/processor (BSS Soundweb London: BLU-800 or BLU-160 or BLU-80) with Omnidrive HD software.

The JBL M2 behemoth touts an SPL capability of 123dB at one meter and in-room frequency response of 20Hz to 40kHz. MSRP is roughly $20k/pair (with the Crown amps) with option to upgrade to Levinson electronics for a price premium. Is this truly the new reference standard?

Share your thoughts and opinions about this new product here.

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Steve Pitbull Potenziano

Steve Pitbull Potenziano

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Reminds me of when my death metal band played out. Looks like the monitors we used to use.


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Yeah, not very wife-friendly speakers, are they? :D

Would like to see a fair comparison between this and other much less expensive high quality pro JBL speakers. :D


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Well at 20k a pair - I will let somebody else share their experience and opinions.:)

However, it would be nice to listen to them one day.


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BL M2 Master Reference Monitor System (pr) Features:
  • System includes 2 M2 monitors and 2 Crown I-Tech 5000HD amplifiers
  • D2430K D2 Dual Driver dual-diaphragm, dual-voice-coil compression driver
  • 2216Nd 15" Differential Drive woofer
  • Crown I-Tech 5000HD amplification included
  • Linear Spatial Reference (LSR) design

Tech Specs

Powered Yes (2 Crown IT5000HD amplifiers included)
LF Driver Size 15"
LF Driver Type Cone
HF Driver Type Dual-diaphragm Dual-voice-coil Compression Driver
Watts Per Channel 1,200W into 8 ohms
Impedance 8 ohms
Frequency Range 20Hz-40kHz
Maximum Peak SPL 123dB SPL @ 8m
Crossover Frequency 800Hz
Enclosure Type Ported
Input Types Push-terminals (2 sets: HF and LF)
Output Types No outputs
Height 49.5"
Width 20"
Depth 14"
Weight 129 lb


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The Revel M106/M series also feature some interesting waveguide work, and the JBL LSR 308 look like minature versions of the M2. I wonder how much of the high tech in the M2s trickles down to these price levels.


Senior Audioholic
Its been said that Sean Olive has called the M2 the best speaker he has ever heard.
That is quite a statement, considering he has been in the know of the Everest II, Revel Salon2 and other Harman speakers.

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