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My 30 something son, had some dime-store Bluetooth speaker he used to carry around in his car, and would play it at work and when hanging outdoors with friends and it was pretty horrible. It died some time back and he had been walking around listening to the crap speaker on his Iphone. This left kind of an obvious gift idea for Christmas, whether he wanted it or not.

Well, I notice now that he takes it everywhere. I have to admit, this little system is potent and sounds worlds better than anything portable he has ever had. Just how do they get so much sound from something so small, knowing the battery and electronics are in that otherwise tiny package as well.

I paid $99 for it and as far as I am concerned, it is well worth it for how it performs. Apparently you can pair two of them together to get stereo effect, too.
Bobby Bass

Bobby Bass

Senior Audioholic
My kids got them too and they love them. Sounds good and it’s waterproof so they can use it everywhere. Got the case online that holds the charging cable too.

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