Is this connection alright



<font color='#000000'>I have a two channel amplifier but i have four speakers and I want to connect them all. I have a pair of 6 ohm onkyo speakers and a pair of Revox 4 ohm speakers. Would it affect the power, the quality and the volume if i connect all the speakers into the output?

Any help please thanks</font>


<font color='#000000'>Would it affect the power, the quality and the volume if i connect all the speakers into the output?

Yes. It could also harm your amp and/or speakers. It would be helpful if you provided more info. on your setup, specifically what amp you have and whether it has one or two sets of speaker outputs.</font>
<font color='#000000'>As for amplifier safety alone, it would probably be safe to run those in series (at 10 ohms.) Who KNOWS how it would sound, though.</font>


<font color='#000000'>i have a crown amplifier, and how would i connect it in series? &nbsp; My amplifier has on outputs for two channels &nbsp; + -</font>
<font color='#000000'>Again, I'm not a fan of connecting more speakers to an amplifier. You may just end up with more sound, not better sound.

IF you want to hook the speakers up in series (I am NOT endorsing or recommending this) you would connect the red (positive) of the left channel of the amp to the red (positive) connection on the first speaker. Then go from the black (&quot;negative&quot;) connector of that speaker to the RED (positive) connector of the next speaker. Finally, take the black (&quot;negative&quot;) connector of that speaker back to the black (&quot;negative&quot;) connector of the amplifier.

Repeat for right channel. So....

Amp Left Channel (+) to Speaker 1 (+), Speaker 1 (-) to Speaker 2 (+), Speaker 2 (-) to Amp Left Channel (-)

As you'll see, the speakers are run in &quot;series&quot; with the amp channel, one to the next in a chain.

Again, you may want to play with hooking up one set of speakers and giving them a listen at higher volume. Chances are you will have better results.</font>

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