Is The Mackie SA1232 the best option?


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<font color='#000000'>I have just got an installation contract with a small club and am looking at my audio options.

It will be a mobile sound rig, as the room is also used for other purposes.

The room measures 14.5 metres (48.3') deep by 9.5 metres (31.6') wide with a ceiling that is 2.7 metres (9') high. I will be set up on a small stage in the corner of the room that is 0.3 metres (1') high. About 60-150 people pack in there each night.

Music will typically consist of a mix of commercial r&amp;b, hiphop, Top 40 Dance and a bit of harder commercial dance.

I want the audio rig to be VERY easy to set up (most DJ's are great at what they do but not good at PA setup!).

I was thinking of getting 2 x active Mackie SA1232 1300W RMS speaker cabinets. In my opinion, They should be powerful enough to get a good sound. These speakers are just within my budget (They are US$3400 a pair in the US but AU$7000 a pair here in Australia!)

Does anyone have any advice on whether this is a wise choice for this kind of money? I was looking at active boxes for the simplicity of setup/packup but am open to all options.

I would be VERY grateful for any feedback or suggestions!


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