Is it possible to record radio to CD or DVD ?



I record radio to casette tape and play it in my car while sitting in traffic. I have used a ReplayTV since 2000 and enjoy using the skip commercials feature, so now I do the same with radio I've recorded by hitting FF through the commercial breaks.

I would like to switch to using CD's to record radio, but so far have run into various obstacles that make it very inconvenient, like ending up with hundreds of files that have to be converted from one format to another.

Does there exist some simple way to record 4 hours of radio on a CD or DVD and just pop it into the player and go?

Rob Babcock

Rob Babcock

Sure, it's relatively easy, depending upon the hardware you have. The simplest method would be to use a standalone CD recorder and connect it to your tuner or receiver. Most car decks I've seen will play back MP3 or WMA files, which would easily allow you to cram several hours of music on one disc at acceptable quality for car use.

It seems to me that most people would opt to rip & burn from their own CD collections for such a project. Why do you want to use radio? I can see the appeal if you have access to stations that play a wider variety of music than you yourself own, but it seems to me that physically hitting the FF button to skip commercials would be very cumbersome. You can edit them out as you record them, but that's not a very elegant solution, either. My preference would probably be too simply rip tracks from my CDs or hard drive to MP3 and burn them with NERO...


Not possible, I guess.

I have copied cd's to mp3 files for use on an mp3 player, and I agree, it IS easy.
The question was whether or not it is possible to record radio to CD's, and based on the dearth of information on the subject it is looking less and less likely that it is ever going to happpen.

I'll just have to stock up on casette tapes before they become extinct!

Thanks anyway.

Half Fast

Denon makes a great CD player/recorder unit the CDR-W1500. I have one and it makes perfect bit for bit copies. It has two trays one to play, one to record. It will make a copy of a CD, compilations of favorites songs from multiple CDs until the disc is full, or you can record from any analogue source such as a tape deck, tuner or turntable. Any source that is input to your receiver can be recorded onto the CD. It does not play Mp3s though unless they have made a change to it since I bought mine. I had to call around to find one and bought it over the internet a few years ago for a lot less than list price. It will work perfectly for the use you describe. Understand though that the discs must be finalized to play on a car unit and as such they cannot be recorded on further nor erased and re-recorded.


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I don't know of any solution that can go radio-> cd without a computer. But if you are willing to use a comptuer, You need the shark which acts like a tivo for radio, storing all the radio as sound files on your harddrive. I personally don't have one, but a friend of mine does and is very happy with it.


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