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With the announcement that the iPhone is likely coming to Verizon shortly, there is sure to be an influx of new iPhone 4 users in the next quarter. Those users will come from one of two places: either new users who are jumping ship from AT&T to experience iPhone use on the Verizon Network, or existing Verizon customers who are going to take advantage of renewing their contracts with an iPhone 4. In either case, there are going to be lots of new iPhone 4 consumers who will need to protect their new investment. We solicited cases from most of the major players and experienced a near-full array of what's available for the iPhone 4. Some cases really impressed us. Others came across as more or less standard fare and nothing short of what you'd expect for any new smart phone. To make this process simple, we'll list each case here and talk briefly about our experiences, giving an overall opinion as well as the general pros and cons of each product.

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more info for the ifrogz case

I actually had the ifrogz case for my iphone 4 as it was one of the only ones available when the phone hit the market, plus I also liked the sleek form factor. there is one major problem with the case though. it is somewhat incompatible with the standard screen protectors that you can buy out there. The edges of the case protrude onto the screen face just enough to push against the screen protector causing the protector to bubble up. I've got one of the speck cases now and while it doesn't have the 2-part design that's so convenient for docking, it hasn't given me any problems.


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I use a Zagg invisible shield on the front and back, and I have the sides covered with a bumper. It worked great for a while, but over time the bumper pushes up the sides of the invisible shied, causing it to peel off. The invisible shield has lost so much stickiness that it seems to just come undone. I'm currently looking for a new case, and I'll probably go with one of the Otterbox's or a Switcheasy.


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Can't leave out a small, but exploding company, Karvt.
Have had reviews and attention from MacWorld, Wired and a lot of tech blogs.
They make very high quality, exotic wood skins for all Mac products.
(yes, I'm somewhat vested in it, but I would still think it was a great product regardless.)


Best iPhone 4 Cases

A whole bunch of iPhone 4 case varieties are out there on the market making your choice of the best one difficult. The iPhone 4 cases are a very important accessory, most importantly because the moment you begin to use your iPhone 4, it is subject to dust, scratches, accidental bumps and all other usual wear and tear. In order to prevent all these from affecting your precious little gadget, it is important that you wrap your iPhone in one of the many iPhone 4 cases available on the market these days.


using the ottercase and loving it, although it can seem a bit bulky, but the protection is great. I can't tell you how many times i dropped my iphone


thanks for sharing a very useful information. this will help each and every member of the site.


screen protection

Most of the cases reviewed doesn’t seem to have good screen protection. My old rugged iPhone case I got from sharkeye.com has done an exceedingly great job in protecting my phone for a long time.

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