IOGEAR Wireless HDMI Kit GWAV8141K Review



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For a long time we've been big fans of anything that can circumvent the inherent difficulties of HDMI cables, and that includes providing wireless solutions that can remove the cable altogether between the source and the display. The trick, of course, is that the solution has to actually work. IOGEAR recently released its take on the wireless HDMI revolution with its Wireless HD Kit (GWAV8141K). This kit eliminates the need to drill holes to complete a job. It also takes you out of the attic, especially if you couple it with a handy PowerBridge Total Solutions Kit, which makes for easy installation of 120V power behind your flat panel television. The new IOGEAR wireless solution allows installers to customize any living space and offer the ability to wirelessly transmit any source, be it Blu-ray, DVD, DVR, laptop or other media streaming device, directly to your HDTV or projector.

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Great review! Hopefully prices will come down close to HD-Brite's system.

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