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<font color='#000000'>Hi

On Saturday, I was checking out some hi-fi stores for a speaker setup ((these are not Circuit City type places but dedicated to selling hi-fi) .
At one of the stores, the fellow recommended some Mission speakers to me and my conversation went like this:
Me- hmm, Mission speakers - they look good

Him - Yes, very good, top quality

Me - can I see the specifications of these before you turn them on and I listen to them?

Him - yea sure, here are the specs of the mains and the woofer

Me - Interesting - the mains have a frequency response of 265 Hz to 22 KHz and the subwoofer has a response of 20 Hz to 180 Hz

Him - Correct

Me - so how do you plan to cover the gap from 180 to 265 Hz

Him - Your room accoustics and my expertise in speaker placement and setting of crossovers will ensure you get a flat response

Me - I do not dispute your expertise but I dont get this: How will my room accoustics generate the frequency between 180 to 265 Hz when your speakers just dont produce that frequency?

Him - That's where I come in. I know more than you about audio so trust me

Guys - is there something he knows that I dont?? Am I being taken for a bit of a ride here??</font>


<font color='#000000'>No, you are correct. &nbsp;There must be a sound source for those frequencies. A room may enhance or mitigate certain frequencies, but those frequencies must be generated by your speakers in the first place or it's a moot point.</font>
Clint DeBoer

Clint DeBoer

<font color='#000080'>I've never heard of speakers that only went down to 265Hz - what model are they?</font>


<font color='#000000'>Find a sales professional who is just that...a professional. &nbsp;You shouldn't have to deal with a disinformed &quot;know it all&quot; with an attitude. Trust your ears!
Good listening...Scumfrog
BTW to whom it applies: &nbsp;What an informative sight! &nbsp;I can only hope that I can contribute half as much as I have taken!</font>

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