Integra DPC-8.5 Universal 6-Disc DVD Changer for Custom Installers

Integra has introduced the DPC-8.5 six disc DVD changer/player, compatible with DVD-Audio and multi-channel SACD. Designed specifically for custom installation applications, the unit includes both BNC and RCA component video connections, a rear-panel bi-directional RS-232 port, and IR in/out jacks for seamless integration with home theater equipment and whole-home control systems. Some quick features:

- high quality Wolfson®192-kHz/24-bit audio DACs
- multi-channel analog audio output, including a defeatable second set of surround channel connections for use with 7.1-channel home theater systems
- all audio/video outputs are simultaneously active, including a 2-channel mixdown of SACD and DVD-Audio at the stereo outputs
- 108-Mhz/12-bit video D/A converter
- Direct Progressive capability enables the player to extract 480p native encoded DVD material, which is then passed directly to the component outputs without video processing​
As a carousel changer, the DPC-8.5 offers true multi-disc random playback, even with intermingled DVD-A, SACD, and MP3-encoded discs. There are also three playback chain modes, for CD-only, DVD-only, or All discs. The Integra DPC-8.5 is currently available at a suggested retail price of $700.

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Rob Babcock

Rob Babcock

For Firewire, HDMI or other proprietary hi rez digital output? That's a shame at the price.


Same as Onkyo CP802?

Is this the same unit or are the DACs, etc upgraded??

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