IKEA UPPLEVA TV with Integrated Electronics, Remote, 2.1 Audio



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If you thought that bringing home a TV and attaching the base was too difficult, then IKEA has a solution for you. Now, you can order an entire entertainment center with the TV built in. Now, finally, you can assemble your TV in 32 different steps with no instructions except a series of pictoral diagrams that look like they were made by exiled Singapore children using .06 rapidograph pens dipped in oil. If you didn't understand that last reference, don't worry, we're just prepping you for the confusion that will be the IKEA television-slash-furniture system.

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Just noticed the typo. It's Uppleva, not upleva :)


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We have three Ikeas within an hour of my home... It is, by far, the most difficult store to walk through without buying at least something. This will just make it that much more difficult.

It would be nice if they just sold a better piece of A/V furniture with an integrated stand. Most stores fail miserably at providing A/V furniture at a reasonable price, and Ikea has definitely been a part of that trend.

About the only way to get A/V furniture has been to spend a ton at A/V stores, or go to Racks and Stands and read a lot of reviews and hope the color is what you want it to be.


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Not a huge fan of Ikea. Wife did the kiddos room with Ikea furniture and the bottoms of the all the drawers fell out. All that was needed was a strip of wood across the bottom and problem solved. What puzzled me was that the tv stand she had was designed well and made pretty sturdy. They do have some pretty neat stuff at there stores fo-sho.


Because the universal remotecontrol is not available in my country


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Hi,I lost my remote control. So how can I use it
I would look on eBay or other international sellers to buy a replacement remote.

There is also an app available for your phone which looks like it can control things. Either option may work well for your needs.

Oh, and contact Ikea. They may be able to help you out directly. Calling/contacting the 'manufacturer' is always a good first step.


I'll be the one to say this: I put Ikea and Sauder furniture in the same category.

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