iCreation speeCup Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Dock in a Cup Review

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    The iCreation speeCup is a speaker in a cup. About the size of a Venti coffee, it connects via Bluetooth to your phone or portable device. The speeCup has an upwards-facing driver that fires into a convex plate for maximum dispersion of sound and sports a bass-reflex design. There is a control ring and a few buttons on the top and you can wave your hand over the top of it for some gesture controls. The kicker is that is has a line-out turning this "speaker into a cup" into a "Bluetooth dock in a cup". Either way - it's in a cup. While I found it to be a Jack of all Trades, Master of None - the Bluetooth was one of the best implementations I've ever experienced. With no line-in as a backup - it better be.

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