I love using headphones for Dolby Surround



Home Theater in 1994 saved the day instead of gett nasty old Disturbing the peace fines I was up to $125 a GD fine. I vested some chage in a then new system called VLS whom Columnist Brent Butterworth said Guys you gotta try this. We jump ahead to to 2004 I know have 10 sets 7 in use to listen to very audio source thru the Sennheiser DSP-Pro Dolby Pro Logic decoder OOP, using Helmut Haas 's "haas" effect, it fools you brain into thinking you have ears in *back* of your head. I just purchased the phones that the Beach Boys were using in the DVD "The Beach Boys:Nashville Sounds", finished right before Carl Wilson died of lung cancer. If you've got the discs you''ll see Lorie Morgan using the Fostex T20, I have 7 pairs of T40. I have one set of headphones for the 7 Dolby decoders and No GD Disturbing the peace fines anymore for 10 full years and counting. The not having to pay fines has worked out well, I got a" DVD from R2 (UK) called "Silver Dream Racer" not only did the brits screw up the 4:3 letterbox put on, they also put 2.0 Stereo on the cover art.

I put the disc in my mod JVC DVD player and let er rip, only instead of stereo I could hear the mono surrounds, Chritstina Raines was in it just as she looked like 24 years ago. I watched The Silver Stone 500 in color and in D/Surround with a 2.35:1 Letter box. Man hearing mortorcyles in Dolby Surround in your head, nobody can penetrate that sound. You like bass I have it at full, if you like the Jack Foley rear surrounds I hear them clear as friggin bell. Motor cycles were ripping away at high speed with the thunderous sound not being heard 3 feet from where I was sitting and it ended at 2:30AM. Thank you UK you guys at the studios for using ordinary stereo receivers, 'not' to know it was not 2.0 stereo but Dolby Pro-Logic. Don't worry I am not going to go deaf I went into Hyper Acusis many years ago, where all sounds are heard even a whisper. Yeah :D

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