i am really a newbie



<font color='#000000'>I posted this in a different forum and I think this is where i should be so here goes. I am trying to hook-up tv with digital cable box, digital receiver, dvd, vcr, cassette player, cd player, and a cd recorder and would like to hook them up so i can record everything from the tape deck, cd player, vcr, dvd, and the tv onto the cdrw. I have tried different ways and still have not figured it out if any one out there can help with this mess I would be forever greatful. The receiver and the cdrw have 3 opticals-2 in &amp; 1 out and digital coax which now has an rca plug in it instead of a digital coax. Please any help is wanted-I am not high tech so i need help and in simple terms-THANKS
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