Seriously, I have no life.
I have just upgraded my theater HTPC.

I guess I paid the penalty for getting into 4K PC a little early, two and a half years ago. Options were slim to none back then, and I went with a Gigabyte board, which had it issues.

So I have refurbished it with this ASUS board. I have had excellent and long service from their boards over the years, not so from other stables. I think this is the first time I have selected a board primarily marketed to gamers.

This was the AMD processor used.

The RAM was transferred from the old Gigabyte board. The hard drive and power supply were kept in place.

My eldest son did the set up, which was very straightforward. This is all much easier than in years gone by.

This has proved to be a huge upgrade. The picture is crystal clear, it supports all the Dolby 4K formats. The picture is remarkably improved and is better than using an app on my C class LG OLED, which surprised me. This unit produces the beat picture which you can get on that screen, and it is outstandingly good.

As most know, I believe and HTPC is far better then other streamers with their awful hunt and peck remotes. In addition you are not limited to apps. If there is a steam you want out there, then you can grab it. This is especially important for the classical music lover. Talking of which, the BPO have redone and improved their website. Their 4K picture is absolutely top of the class, and as good as BD. The lossless 44.1 FLAC encoded audio is superb.

I would encourage members to consider an HTPC for streaming to their systems. Construction and set up is simpler than years gone by. You can control it from a remote radio keyboard or a blueTooth keyboard. You can sit back and get to what you want fast, and with extreme ease, in comfort.

An HTPC like this is the high road to streaming, and the quality is excellent. I must say the progress made in this area in the last 10 years or so has been phenomenal.


Audioholic Ninja
Do you have streaming services from the likes of Netflix, Disney+, HBOMax where you play Dolby Vision content from your new HTPC? The various copy protection schemes could be an issue to overcome.

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